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This Blog is not just members of Clan Cunningham – it for all who share the Scottish/Irish/Celtic heritage. It is a place to share research, inform all about upcoming events, to ask questions, and yes sometimes to get something of your chest. Please keep your post clean and non-judgmental. We can debate and take issue with one another – but please do it respectfully.

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I am a second generation American/Scot. Both of my grandparents were born in Scotland and immigrated to the United States in early 1900 and settled in Maine. My grandfather worked in the mills along the Saco River and my grandmother was a cook in a private home in the Saco area. They had 5 children – my father was the youngest. Today this branch of Clan Cunningham finds members in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, North Caroline, Florida, Alaska and Washington D.C. Today I find my self in New Fairfield, CT and working in Sleepy Hollow, NY at Phelps Memorial Hospital, my wife is a Special Education teacher and we have two grown daughters. Clan Cunningham International - Currently I am the Vice President for CCI I joined CCUSA, now Clan Cunningham International in 2004 after carefully considering my options. I found the leadership of CCI to be honest, open and accepting of new members – it felt right. Clan Cunningham International is an established and dynamic organization formed by a group of innovative leaders from across the USA and around the world.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Chief for Clan Cunningham


For over 200 years our Clan, Clan Cunningham has been without a Clan Chief. This past week The Lord Lyon King of Arms for Scotland named Sir John Montgomery Cuninghame of that Ilk, Baronet Corsehill the rightful Head & Chief of Clan Cunningham. Clan Cunningham International welcomes Sir John as the Head of Clan Cunningham.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Christmas & New Years Wish

May our new Head/Clan Chief of Clan Cunningham, Sir John Montgomery Cuninghame of that Ilk, Baronet Corseehill will heal the wounds that have long divided the family.

Monday, September 13, 2010


The plans have been made. The reservations have been made. The transportation reservations have been made. On the weekend of September 17th, 18th and 19th Clan Cunningham, under the unifying banner of Clan Cunningham International (CCI), will gather on the green slopes of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

This will truly be an exciting weekend for all who attend; new leadership will be installed; and new set of By-laws will be established to ensure that Clan Cunningham International belongs to its members and will never be held hostage for the sake of one person’s echo. Every 3-years, the members of CCI will have the opportunity to elect its officers, and no person can hold the title of President for more than 6-years. The key to any organization’s success is new members, new officers, and new leaders who bring new ideas, and ways of doing things that help an organization rise to new and greater heights.

Some may argue that change is not good, that a stern and unflinching leader is what is needed. Our great nation rejected that kind of tyranny, and we in CCI also reject that kind of thinking. Being old does not make you right.

Leadership change is the only way to ensure CCI continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the organization, as well as to serve the needs of all who hail from Clan Cunningham.
I am very proud of the roll I have played in building CCI. Today we have active members from every hot spot around the world where Cunninghams have settled. CCI is a growing community where all Cunninghams are made to feel that they are at home. New ideas from our members are welcome and encouraged and are given every consideration. No idea or opinion is ever rejected because it does not fit into our dear leader’s plans.

If you are looking for a Clan Cunningham organization where your voice will be heard, where your ideas will be encouraged, and where you will be treated like family, then look no further than Clan Cunningham International, (

C. Stevens Cunningham

Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 – An Exciting Year Ahead for All Cunningham’s’

Are you getting ready to shake off the winter’s doldrums? I know that I for one am looking forward to warmer and greener days.

This year Clan Cunningham International is planning an exciting agenda for our Cunningham family. CCI will be hosting Clan Cunningham’s at more Scottish Festivals and Highland Games here in the USA and Scotland than ever.

Hosting Clan Cunningham Tents is one of the most important responsibilities any Clan organization has. It is quite literally the Front Door to the organization. The first contact most family members have with Clan Cunningham International is the Tent Host. As they say the first impressions are the last impressions. We within Clan Cunningham International celebrate and recognize the hard work and dedication our Tent Hosts’.

Is hosting Clan Cunningham tents the only function of Clan Cunningham International? No. Clan Cunningham International has a number projects under way not only here in the United States but also in Scotland.

Clan Cunningham International is the only Clan Cunningham organization that is currently and actively is working with the Court of the Lord Lyon to identify a Chief for Clan Cunningham. Clan Cunningham International is working with two individuals who can trace their family lineage back to one of The Earls of Glencairn; these individuals are busy preparing their petitions to the Lord Lyon seeking his recognition as the Chief of Clan Cunningham. Clan Cunningham International is taking a true leadership position in searching for the true and rightful Chief of Clan Cunningham.

Clan Cunningham International is working with the members of St. Maurs Glencairn Parish Church XI, the Cuninghames of Caprington and the Historic Commission for Scotland to install new stained glass windows for the Glencairn Aisle. The finally drawing for these four replacement windows are currently being reviewed by the Historic Commission. Once we receive the Commissions approval the new windows will be produced and installed. For the first time in more than 30 years, the Glencairn Aisle will have windows installed, thanks to the fund-raising efforts of Clan Cunningham International.

Two years ago Clan Cunningham International produced the only history on Clan Cunningham designed for CD usage. Every member of Clan Cunningham International has received this free History CD when they renewed their membership or when they first joined Clan Cunningham International.

Currently a committee of Clan Cunningham International is working on a second CD which will highlight sites in Scotland that are related to members of Clan Cunningham. This will be a valuable resource if you are planning a trip to Scotland and you would like to visit historical sites that are associated with Clan Cunningham. It will also be a resource to those doing historic research and want to include connections to Clan Cunningham.

Clan Cunningham International is preparing for the historic Gathering of the Clan which will be held on September 17th, 18th, and 19th of this year in conjunction with the New Hampshire Highland Games in Lincoln New Hampshire. We already have RSVPs from Scotland, California as well as many other states. The next official gathering will be in 2013 out in California and most likely the 2016 gathering will be in Scotland.

Clan Cunningham International produces four Newsletters every year. Each newsletter is packed full of news about the current activities of Clan Cunningham, photos and historic information which is of interest to all.

Clan Cunningham International is truly a multifaceted and vibrant organization. I invite you to visit the Clan Cunningham International web site ( stop by and check us out.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All
There is no doubt that there is a schism among the Cunningham Clan here in America. I was not present when the split between one group of CCSA members had a falling out with the new leadership of CCSA. We can sit here and play the old blame game, never solving or achieving a resolution of the problem, or we can start talking with each other and finding an acceptable solution to this situation.

Let me say how much I applaud and admire the hard work of the founders and early members of CCSA. It is through the hard work and dedication of those early leaders of CCSA that saw our Clan Cunningham Society flourish, grow and gain respect among Scottish leaders here in America as well as in Scotland. It was those early leaders who wrote to the Lord Lyon, seeking his council as how to go about forming a Clan Society outside of Scotland. Indeed the Lord Lyon encouraged this small group of dedicated Cunninghams to move forward with their endeavors to form a Clan Cunningham organization. The Lord Lyon admonished those leaders that their work should always bring honor and dignity to the name of Cunningham.

I am sure mistakes were made along the way, misplaced checks, applications filed incorrectly, late newsletters and/or late reports. There was no malice intended. They were mistakes made by hard working volunteers who often had competing priorities such as family and work.

I need not apologize for any of these missteps made over 6-years ago. Their efforts to bring honor and dignity to the name Cunningham outweigh any mistakes that were made along the way.

We need not travel down the road of ‘he said this and he said that’. Yes, words have been said, some met to sting, while others clearly had malice intentions. It is time to stop the bickering and begin the healing process.

As we approach the New Year of 2010 and a new decade, my hope is that leaders of Clan Cunningham International can sit down with our counterparts from CCSA and bring an end to this situation that divides our family here in America.

C. Stevens Cunningham

Clan Cunningham International
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Come to the Highlands of New Hampshire

September 17, 18, & 19, 2010

Come to the Triennial Gathering of Clan Cunningham and business meeting of Clan Cunningham International, September 17, 18, 19, 2010 at the NH Highland Games in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

The NH Highland Games is the largest gathering of Scots within the New England region which takes place over a three day period in September. Last year more than 60 Scottish Clans and other organizations along with 30 pipe bands were in attendance. Including Colum Cille Pipes & Drums of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, who wear the Cunningham Modern tartan.

Every 3 –years Clan Cunningham gathers to celibate their common heritage, renew old acquaintances, make new ones and set the agenda of Clan Cunningham International for the next three years. At the business meeting of Clan Cunningham International on Saturday afternoon we will a voting on Bylaw changes and electing Officers for the next three years. The next gathering of the Clan will take place in 2013 out in California. So if you live in the Northeast here is your opportunity to attend a Clan Gathering close to home.

Preliminary Schedule of Events

Friday, September 17th

8:30 AM Set-up the Clan Cunningham Tent and Reception Center in the Clan Village

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM NH Highland Games Open

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM Cocktail Reception – Steve & Bonnie Cunningham’s Condo (RSVP – free)

Saturday, September 18th

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM NH Highland Games Open

11:00 AM Clan Parade & Roll Call – Gather at the Clan Cunningham Tent – 10:45 AM

12:00 PM Opening Ceremonies & Massed Pipe Bands

3:00 PM Clan Cunningham International Business Meeting – Clan Cunningham Tent

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Clan Cunningham Dinner – Green House Room Beacon Resort, Lincoln, NH - $35 per person (RSVP by 9/1/10 to Steve Cunningham Entertainment - Colum Cille Pipes & Drums of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Highland Dancing and maybe a surprise or two.

Sunday, September 19th

10:00 PM – 4:00PM NH Highland Games Open

10:00 AM Worship Services – Kirkin’ O’ Tartans

4:00 PM Closing Ceremonies – Time to say Good-byes

For a complete list of activities and entertainers at the 2010 NH Highland Games visit their web-site at

Area Hotels:

The Beacon Resort - Lincoln, NH - Phone: 1-800258-8934 -

Comfort Inn & Suites - Lincoln, NH - Phone: 1-888-589-8112 -

Franconia Notch Motel - Lincoln, NH - Phone: 603-745-2229 -

Indian Head Resort - Lincoln, NH - Phone: 603-745-8000 -

Visit NH Scot ( for a complete list of area accommodations. Rooms book fast so do not put it off.

The Northeast Regional Tri-Annual Meeting Committee is already hard at work planning for this event. If you would like to volunteer to assist the Committee, please contact Steve Cunningham, 28 Fox Hollow Rd. New Fairfield, CT 06812 or e-mail him at

Clan Cunningham International
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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Clan Cunningham

Uniting Under Clan

Cunningham International

Clan Cunningham is as united today as it has never been before. Thanks to the hard work and unquestionable dedication of David Pickens, Dr. William Cunningham, Jerry Lester, Alex Cunningham, Leslie Kenyon, and Jack Cunningham among a host of other Clan leaders both past and present. Clan Cunningham is poised through its clan organization, Clan Cunningham International, to take us to the next level.

CCI and its predecessor organization, Clan Cunningham USA have laid a solid foundation from which our Clan can reach new and great heights.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • David Pickens and Steve Cunningham were the official representatives for Clan Cunningham at the historic meeting of The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, held at Scottish Parliament Building. This is the first time that The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs invited clans that do not have Chiefs to attend their meeting.
  • David Pickens was selected to represent Clan Cunningham at the Royal Reception at Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh. His Royal Highness, Prince Charles received Mr. Pickens and thanked him for representing Clan Cunningham at his reception and at The Gathering. Mr. Pickens was one of only four Americans invited by the Prince to the reception.
  • The Lord Lyon, David Sellers, stopped by the Clan Cunningham Tent in Edinburgh and briefly spoke with Leslie Kenyon, and thanked her for the outstanding job she is doing in trying to locate the rightful Clan Chief for Clan Cunningham. The Lord Lyon also spoke with David Pickens and encouraged David to think globally, to include Cunninghams from outside the United States within a united Clan Cunningham organization.
  • More than 60 Clan Cunningham descendents visited the Clan Cunningham Tent, hosted by Clan Cunningham USA at the The Gathering in Edinburgh, Scotland. These visitors represented 8 different countries and 16 States here in the US.
  • 40 Clan Cunningham representatives joined the nearly 150 Scottish Clans who marched up the Royal Mile to the Edinburgh Castle. A crowd of nearly 30,000 cheered the members of Clan Cunningham on.
  • 20 members toured the home region of Ayrshire Scotland prior to attending The Gathering in Edinburgh. They visited such family sights as Finlaystone Stone, that last home of the Earls of Glencairn. Caprington Castle, the only Castle still owned and occupied by Cunninghams’ and Akit Castle, where the Montgomery feud started. The tour included several Kirks (churches) where leaders for Clan Cunningham worshiped.
  • A Clan Cunningham dinner was held in Glasgow Scotland. 26 members of Clan Cunningham joined together to eat, toast and celebrate our common heritage.
  • To bring unity to Clan Cunningham world-wide the Board of Directors of Clan Cunningham USA in September 2009, voted unanimously to change the organization name to Clan Cunningham International. Just this past month Clan Cunningham had a Clan Cunningham table at a local Scottish gathering in the “Borderland” of Scotland.
  • Clan Cunningham International is working very closely with The Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, Scotland and two members of the Clan who may petition the Lord Lyon to be recognized as the “Head of the Family” the lowlands version of the Highland Clan Chief. (Sir John Montgomery Cuninghame Baronet of Corsehill and William Robert Cunninghame Graham of Gartmore)
  • Since returning from the International Gathering of the Clans in Edinburgh, Scotland, CCI has experienced a significant growth spurt in the number of new members joining CCI, several of these new members first had to resign their positions in another Clan Cunningham club. We have also had individuals from Scotland and Canada join.
  • For the first time in a number of years CCI is fostering the growth of an affiliate organization in Scotland, Clan Cunningham in Scotland. This movement is being spearheaded by Alex Cunningham of Hawick Scotland. Alex is traveling to the states not only to visit relatives but to visit a Scottish Festival to see how CCI runs their extremely successful Clan Cunningham Tents.

Coming up Next

Clan Cunningham International will be holding its Triennial organizational meeting at the NH Highland Games in Lincoln, NH over the weekend of September 17, 18 and 19, 2010. The Colum Cille Pipe and Drum band will help make this a very festive occasion.

For anyone to deny that Clan Cunningham International is the Clan organization is uniting our Clan like it has never been done before is like denying that the Sun will rise and set on each day.

The future of Clan Cunningham is the brightest it has ever been, in many years. There is excitement in the air. It is safe to say the Earls of Glencairn would be pleased to know that their legacy is in the capable hands of Clan Cunningham International.

Clan Cunningham International
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